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Friday, January 27, 2012

Lord of the Starfields

For many years, I have played on worship bands and led congregational music in the churches I have attended.  Currently, I am uninvolved in this ministry, as my family and I have recently moved to Mexico, and I have yet to be invited to join our new congregation's music ministry except on a one-off basis.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed and feeling somewhat impatient about this.  I have had to remind myself repeatedly that it is not in my time but in God's.  In the meantime I am reflecting heavily on my practice as a Christian musician and the role that I play in the congregation's communion with God.  Overtime some of these thoughts might make their way onto this blog, and I covet your feedback.  I have been encouraged to gather them in one spot, either to create an article or hand-book on church music, drawing on my experience in multiple denominations, cultures, and roles.

Doubtless you have heard this week about the enormous solar flares that lit up the northern hemisphere with amazing displays of Northen Lights.  Had I been in Edmonton, I would have driven out to the country with my family and my camera to enjoy this phenomenom, and spend some time marveling at the wonder of Creation and God's handi-work.  However, I am in Mexico, and the Auroras were not visible here. : (

Nonetheless, I have had time to ponder this and remember a great song by Canadian singer-songwriter, Bruce Cockburn.  I introduced this song to a congregation a few years ago, and took some flack from a few congregants, some who objected to the quazi-secular source (although Cockburn is a professing Christian, albeit very Liberal in his views), while a few others thought it sounded panthiest.  Most however, quite liked the song, and our worship band included it in our repetoire a some times since.  After having written it, Cockburn said in an interview that "I wanted to write something like a psalm".  Here is the song.  Take some time to ponder it, and the amazing greatness of God the Creator, the Ancient of Days, and the "Lord of the Starfields".

FYI, this is part of the "Cool Licks" portion of the Blog, as mentioned in the title.  Cheers!

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