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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A New Song Translation From Anacrusis Ministries

Anacrusis Ministries is the name I created for any works that I might need to provide copyright protection.  I have absolutely no objection to any of these works being used in churches for the edifying of the body.  Please, however, do not use them to make money for yourself.  They are consecrated works, to the glory of God.  From time to time (as in this case) items from Anacrusis Ministries will appear on this blog.

Paul Baloche recently released a new disc.  On that disc is a song called "King of Heaven".  It is so rare to see new songs that actually focus on a member of the God-head.  So many of the new songs sung in churches these days focus not on the worshipped, but on the supposed worshipper.  Those who worship thus do so in vain, their offering is not fragrant but instread as noisome as it is noisy.

The song, "King of Heaven" can be found here:

I think it is a beautiful tune, Christo-centric, and asking for revival (this is another blog for another day).  It is one that once I have it worked out well enough, I will be leading in churches here in Mexico.  My Spanish translation is here (por favor, quiero leer tus comentarios sobre este traducción.):

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