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Friday, August 3, 2012

A Borrowed Blog, but it is a good one

This morning, a good friend of mine posted this link on his Facebook profile.  It is a link to a blog by another brother in the Lord whom I don't know.  However, I very much like the blog posting, so I will share the link with you here.  I highly recommend that you check out his post, take time to meditate on it, and then if it applies to you, change your practice, and teacher your brothers and sisters in Jesus to do likewise.

Remember, proof-texting can appear very benign, but in most cases leads to bad doctrine.  "It is popular to believe that God will not place more on us than we can handle. However, there is ample scriptural evidence to suggest otherwise."  Just because something is popular, sounds Biblical, and makes us feel good, does not mean it is from God.  And if it is not from God, then it is of this world, and we should want none of it.

Here is the link: http://rogerupton.wordpress.com/2012/06/22/misused-bible-verses-part-one-god-will-never-put-more-on-you-than-you-can-handle/

And then, once your done ruminating on that blog, give some thought to how notions as this can impact the idea of "worshiping in Spirit and in truth".

I will get you started on that.  Please feel free to share your comments.   . . . . If a song includes questionable lyrics (ie. bad doctrine), should it be sung in churches as is?

Maybe the next post will take this topic on .  . . .

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