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Friday, August 3, 2012

Another borrowed blog . . . very good stuff.

I have recently found myself increasingly frustrated with the way that the Christian church picks and chooses which sins it will or will not accept.  A popular target for Christians is the homosexual community. And I am not about to defend them.  I agree that Christian doctrine and scripture holds that homosexuality is a sin . . . just as it does lying, drunkenness, divorce, fornication, etc.  So, where does that put us as Christians?  Here is an excellent blog dealing with this issue:


An excerpt: “Church people ask, why won’t our culture repent? My answer: Because repentance is a learned behavior.  Someone has to model it.  I tell parents that it’s silly to expect a child to repent when they have never seen a parent repent.  And it’s futile to wait for a culture to repent when a culture has enver seen the Church repent. . . . Is the real problem with our culture the unrepentant gay community? No.  It’s an unrepentant Church.”

Church, if you want to see revival, it must begin within you!  It will not start outside your walls until it has taken hold inside of them!

Some keen insights, for sure.  Take the time to read it and share it with your Christian friends. Here is an excerpt.


  1. I can really identify with this post. The church I attend preaches homosexuality hard and strong , yet has welcomed fornicators with open arms. The eldares turn a deaf ear to 1 Corinthians chapter 5 and it's contents.
    I write and maintain a blog which I have entitled “Accordingtothebook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it. I’m your newest follower.

  2. Hello,

    I am enjoying looking over your blog, and have to agree that we pick and choose which sins we are against. I think David had a similar problem.

    I invite you to visit my blog at www.lifeinthescriptures.blogspot.com. It is a daily Bible reading plan coupled with a commentary on one of the readings. We are just starting the book of Romans.


  3. Wow...real food for thought for the "church".
    Just checking back for any new posts you may have written.
    I’ve been a follower on your blog for a while now and would like to invite you to visit and perhaps follow me back. Sorry I took so long for the invitation.